A new service we are offering is using the Emmipet Toothbrush.

The toothbrushes are :

Completely silent,

Non vibrating,

Stress free.

You do not even have to brush.


Emmi-Pet is a revolutionary dental hygiene treatment that is completely silent, non vibrational and gentle that works to prevent periodonitis, tooth loss, bad breath odour, plaque and tartar build up, inflammed gums and much more.

Emmi-Pet works up to 12mm below the gum line and strengthens gum tissues, as well as aiding healing processes.

It is estimated that by the time a dog reaches 2 years old, 80% will display signs of oral disease.

Emmi-Pet works using solely ultra sonic waves emitted at 96 million ultra sonic waves (air vibrations) per minute from the head of the toothbrush via a small chip.

The waves are transferred via the bristles of the toothbrush head in to Emmi-Pet's specially formulated toothpaste.

Micro bubbles are generated which then react with the air vibrations and implode.

These implosions eliminate and remove food particles, plaque, tarter and bacteria from within your dogs mouth.

Emmi-pet results

What our customers are saying

Julie is a lovely lady who always makes you feel welcome and makes your dog comfortable. Max always looks beautiful when he has been groomed. Julie has just started Emmipet on max for his teeth which had lots of plaque but its an amazing job that's been done. Thanks Julie for everything with Max.

Jean Stones